March 21: From anxiety to hope

Nearly two weeks ago, I realized I was suffering from low-level anxiety, probably the result of reading too much about the spread of the coronavirus. I had been reading news articles about the epidemic in the Wuhan region religiously since early to mid-January and began to wonder about what the impending pandemic would mean, not so much for me or

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Transfiguration is a new exodus, calling us to deeper liberation

By Glen Argan Probably, most Catholics do not link Jesus’ Transfiguration on the mountain with the Exodus of the Old Testament. For us, it is a stand-alone, unique event which reveals Jesus as the Son of God. The Transfiguration surely is that (and more as well), but several allusions to the Exodus in St. Luke’s Gospel account make clear that

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Dystopian novel fails to explain dark forces which bring Church to its knees

By Glen Argan (Originally published in The Catholic Register) Authors of dystopian novels are bound to get a lot wrong. After all, they are looking into what they believe will be a dark future which is inherently unpredictable. The year 1984, for example, turned out to be nothing like George Orwell’s famous novel of the same name. Still, when I

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