Quebec’s war on religion no source of pride

By Glen Argan (Originally published in The Catholic Register) Since the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s, Quebec governments have been bent on driving religion out of their culture. Ironically, this campaign has coexisted with the broader campaign to preserve Quebec’s uniqueness in an English-speaking North America. I say “ironically” because it was the Catholic Church which for centuries provided one

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Offering of bread and wine represents call to give deeply of ourselves

By Glen Argan The choice of the Gospel for Sunday’s celebration of Corpus Christi – the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ – is slightly perplexing. Here we celebrate Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist, and the Gospel provided is that of the multiplication of the loaves and fish. Look more closely, however, and you will see

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Trinity Sunday an opportunity to jettison authoritarian notion of God

By Glen Argan Trinity Sunday is an invitation to get our understanding of God right. This may seem like an abstract, intellectual exercise, but it is not. It has enormous ramifications for our lives and for our world. The 20th century theologian Karl Rahner once wrote that although most Christians profess a belief in the Trinity, they are in fact

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