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Dance celebration expresses reconciliation beyond words

By Glen Argan (Originally published in The Catholic Register, June 17, 2018) Words are rarely enough. Actions speak louder than words. When we want to restore a broken relationship, a simple “I’m sorry” or even a long, detailed apology may not suffice. More is required. In late April, I attended Ancestors and Elders, a performance by Edmonton’s Shumka Dancers, Canada’s

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Nicodemus seeks answers outside the organization

Originally posted on On the Threshold:
(Originally published in The Catholic Register,, March 25, 2018) By Glen Argan Nicodemus is the organization man who realizes his organization does not have the answers. So, he looks further afield. You are not supposed to do that, but he does it anyway. His heart hungers for more than arid policies, and what…

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