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Pope issues historic rejection of nuclear deterrence

By Glen Argan The importance of Pope Francis’ Nov. 10 speech in which he rejected the acceptance of nuclear deterrence cannot be over-emphasized. The pope’s statement, in the view of Canada’s former disarmament ambassador Douglas Roche, is historic. It reverses “the strictly conditioned moral acceptance” of nuclear deterrence which has been a part of Catholic teaching since the U.S. bishops’

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The Mustard Seed: Graduation ends a journey of pure joy

By Glen Argan (from The Catholic Register, Oct. 29, 2017) Graduating from high school or university can be a poignant moment in life’s journey. It typically marks a transition from one lifestyle to another. For many, graduation primarily represents the reception of a credential, those years of study being the means to the desired end of receiving a piece of

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Comment: Defining ‘Catholic’ is a must in elections

By Glen Argan (from The Catholic Register, Nov. 12, 2017) Serving on a Catholic school board was never in my plans. I was a Catholic journalist, not a school trustee. So, I never considered running for a school board until about 16 months ago. At that time, the Catholic board in Edmonton was in total disarray with a high degree

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Irregular Catholic school board election will go unchallenged

By Glen Argan The Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association (ACSTA) will not be challenging the validity of the election in Edmonton’s Catholic school board’s Ward 75. And neither will I. This afternoon (Oct. 24) I had a brief chat – it was too informal to call it an interview – with the ACSTA’s executive director, Dean Sarnecki. The ACSTA, Sarnecki

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Are Catholic school boards Catholic? ACSTA should challenge election in Ward 75

By Glen Argan I have asked the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association to apply to have the results of the Oct. 16 election in Edmonton’s Ward 75 overthrown and a byelection held. The reason: Candidate Michael Brown, who ran a close third in the election, is not Catholic. Section 256(3.1) of the Alberta School Act effectively bars – in areas

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How Canada can recover the exuberance of its centennial year

(From The Catholic Register,, issue of June 25, 2017) Mustard Seed By Glen Argan So striking in Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations is the lack of the exuberance which marked our centennial in 1967. Fifty years ago, every village, town and city had a centennial project which, in some way, expressed its hope for an even better future. Hundreds of

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