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How Canada can recover the exuberance of its centennial year

(From The Catholic Register,, issue of June 25, 2017) Mustard Seed By Glen Argan So striking in Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations is the lack of the exuberance which marked our centennial in 1967. Fifty years ago, every village, town and city had a centennial project which, in some way, expressed its hope for an even better future. Hundreds of

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Arms sale to Saudi Arabia puts American jobs above Yemeni lives

(Originally published in The Catholic Register, Toronto, By Glen Argan The global arms trade is a peculiar form of commerce. If, for example, you own an ice cream stand, all customers are welcome. You would sell your ice cream to your worst enemy without qualms. However, nations are more selective when it comes to selling weapons. They are keen

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The ways of peace: Our Lady of Fatima and non-violent resistance

By Glen Argan (Published in The Catholic Register, Toronto,; issue of May 22, 2017) Students at St. Augustine School in Regina were abuzz in the fall of 1960 when we learned a priest was coming who would reveal a secret message from the Virgin Mary. Until then, my eight-year-old friends had known nothing about Our Lady of Fatima and

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Reformed theologian delivers Anthony Jordan Lectures

Boersma speaks on nature, real presence By Glen Argan Special to the Prairie Messenger EDMONTON — A deeper understanding of the intertwining of nature and the supernatural can provide insights that will bring Catholics and Protestants closer together, says a Christian Reformed theologian from Vancouver. “Nature is never strictly or purely natural,” said Dr. Hans Boersma, a systematic theologian at

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