March 31: Distractions are a blessing too

Distractions and busy-ness. These times of isolation are an opportunity to free ourselves from such superficial aspects of our lives. Now that we are not so busy, we can become more contemplative. That’s true, but I am also grateful for those distractions that take my mind away from the mounting global COVID-19 death toll, from all those news articles that provide the facts and numbers, but don’t bring me to solidarity to the faces behind those numbers.

I awoke this morning to another snowfall, perhaps one of the largest of this long winter. The temperature was -12C. Still, instead of cursing the weather, I finished my breakfast and went outside to eagerly shovel snow. I ran a quick errand and then returned home to spend four hours working on my computer.

I am not one who enjoys working from home. I know that I am more efficient here, but I miss the camaraderie of the office. Still, working from home is now welcome. So is snow shovelling. Once I post this little article, I will go for a walk.

I pray for more than an hour a day, I have several books on the go and I enjoy the additional time I have for conversation with Nora. But “distractions” are welcome too.

-Glen Argan

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