Archbishop speaks of a crucifix which reflects the bruised nature of the Church

By Glen Argan

In his Easter message, Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen has given a stunningly beautiful reflection on the meaning of the cross and resurrection. The archbishop sits beside a crucifix in the parish church in Balgonie. The original church was destroyed by fire, but in the remains of the church, someone found the wooden corpus, charred, but basically unharmed. The corpus was restored and placed on a new cross in the new church.

Archbishop Bolen reflects how the cross speaks to him of his own woundedness as well as the woundedness of the Church itself. Although Easter was three weeks ago, the archbishop’s reflection is a simple, but moving take on the wounds suffered and inflicted by the Body of Christ.

Take five minutes and listen to the voice of a Church leader who exudes the spirit of humility:

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