Healthy society cannot exist under state-imposed ideology

Here is my latest column in The Catholic Register.
By Glen Argan
Canadian Catholics should perhaps be upset with governments that trample on our basic rights. Whether our silence reveals resilience or indifference may be determined by the test of time.
Last month, the federal Liberal government announced it will only give grants for hiring summer students to organizations which vow to support safe and legal abortion. Other groups might respond to such blatant disregard of their rights to freedom of conscience and religion with fury and marches on Parliament. But not Catholics. While we may criticize the government’s actions at Sunday morning pancake breakfasts and while our bishops have issued a statement rebuking the new policy, we remain largely quiet.

The summer jobs edict follows on the heels of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s declaration last June that abortion rights and “sexual reproductive rights” are at the core of Canadian foreign policy. Earlier, Prime Minister Trudeau promised $650 million to promote advocacy for abortion rights in countries around the world. These government forays into cultural imperialism also received minimal response.

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