The Mustard Seed: Graduation ends a journey of pure joy

By Glen Argan

(from The Catholic Register, Oct. 29, 2017)

Graduating from high school or university can be a poignant moment in life’s journey. It typically marks a transition from one lifestyle to another.
For many, graduation primarily represents the reception of a credential, those years of study being the means to the desired end of receiving a piece of paper which provides entry to a sought-after career.

The widespread “credentialing” of education is a concern as it often replaces the love of truth, goodness and beauty with the goal of “getting ahead.”

Wanting a decent standard of living for oneself and one’s family is a reasonable objective, but the transformation of universities into credentialing machines has undermined the value of learning. If everything we do is a means to a future desired end, what is of intrinsic value?

On Oct. 14, I received the degree of Master of Theology from Newman Theological College in Edmonton, the most joy-filled educational institution I have ever attended.

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