Comment: Defining ‘Catholic’ is a must in elections

By Glen Argan
(from The Catholic Register, Nov. 12, 2017)
Serving on a Catholic school board was never in my plans. I was a Catholic journalist, not a school trustee. So, I never considered running for a school board until about 16 months ago. At that time, the Catholic board in Edmonton was in total disarray with a high degree of animosity among the trustees.

Coincident with that, pressure was growing to put an end to the Catholics’ “privileged position” of having publicly-funded schools.

Alberta Education Minister David Eggen appointed a consultant in the fall of 2015 to investigate the dysfunctions on the Edmonton board and report back to him. When the consultant, Donald Cummings, issued his report the following summer, he wrote that the conflicts among trustees were intractable. In fact, instead of just investigating the problems, he had spent much of his time trying to put out daily fire fights among board members.

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