Liberal ‘decency’ is thinly-veiled imperialism

(From The Catholic Register, Toronto)

By Glen Argan

At the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church wiped its hands of its “long century” of defensive reaction to the modern world and climbed into what it hoped would be a new era of dialogue. However, it takes (at least) two to dialogue and over the last 50 years the Church’s willingness to talk about important issues has not often been reciprocated by the secular world.

With the decline of the Christian religion in the Western world and the Church’s temporal power virtually non-existent, the attitude of many Western political leaders has been, in spirit if not word, similar to that of Josef Stalin, who in the dying days of the Second World War proclaimed, “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

With no worldly power, the Church gets no voice.

Liberalism is not Stalinist communism, but it has its own authoritarian streak. The most recent evidence on this matter is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $650-million program to finance and promote abortion and related “reproductive health” concerns in the developing world. This, according to International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, is in the interest of empowering and protecting women.

Unstated was how the Trudeau government would react if other foreign governments began sponsoring advocacy groups in Canada to change our laws in line with their own ideals. The age of imperialism supposedly came to an end with World War II, but no, not really.

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