Evolution is the way God created the world

By Glen Argan
Special to the Prairie Messenger

EDMONTON — By embracing the theory of evolution, Pope John Paul II became “one of the great heroes in science and religion,” says a University of Alberta professor.

The late pope was one of the most important people in “breaking through the warfare model of science and religion always being in conflict,” Denis Lamoureux, who teaches a course in science and religion at St. Joseph’s College at the university.

Lamoureux heralded Pope John Paul’s 1996 statement that evolution is “more than an hypothesis.”

“In other words, evolution is not a problem. It should be seen as the way God created the world.”

However, he said, “Somehow the message did not get out to the church, to the pews.”

A poll conducted by ABC News in 2004 found that 51 per cent of U.S. Catholics believe the world was created in six days and that Genesis 1 presents a literally accurate account of creation.

For the rest of the story, see http://www.prairiemessenger.ca/17_02_08/cnews_17_02_08_3.html.

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