Catholic’ means wide vision: Penna

By Glen Argan
Special to the Prairie Messenger

EDMONTON — Catholic educators must stir their students with a grand vision of goodness and beauty that can transform society, Rev. Stefano Penna told Catholic education leaders from across Alberta.

“The teacher who gives beauty doesn’t teach what the kid wants to hear; they teach what the kid needs to hear,” Penna told a Feb. 4 Conversation on Catholic Education and Contemporary Secular Society at the St. Anthony Teacher Centre.

Penna recalled telling students at Edmonton’s Archbishop MacDonald High School the previous day, “Don’t be small; don’t aim at small things. Don’t let people tell you that your marks, your paycheque, your little group is your identity, that that’s what you are.

“ ‘Catholic’ means a wide vision, so live for something powerful and real, for something that is worthy. Live for God. Don’t let yourself be treated as an object.”

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