Tamils in Canada deserve an apology for unjust treatment

By Glen Argan
Special to the Prairie Messenger

EDMONTON — After six weeks at sea on “a rusty old cargo ship,” Maran Nagarasa and 75 other refugees from Sri Lanka saw Canadian planes circling above them.

It was Oct. 16, 2009, “an unforgettable day in our lives.”

The men, who had set sail from Thailand on the boat without knowing where they were headed, were overjoyed that they were going to land in Canada. That night, “we all slept peacefully,” Nagarasa told a conference at The King’s University.

“When we awoke the next morning, people were boarding the ship and pointing guns at us,” he recalled in his Jan. 18 presentation.

For rest of the story, see http://www.prairiemessenger.ca/17_01_25/cnews_17_01_25_2.html

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