Vatican judge says cardinal-critics of pope could lose red hats

The ongoing saga of Rome’s four dissident cardinals — with probably a few more supporters hiding in the weeds — continues. While the head of the Roman Rota says the four could be removed from the College of Cardinals, few are likely pushing for that to happen. Nevertheless, their dissent is a source of scandal.

By going public with their “questions,” the cardinals have pushed the Church to a turning point — either return the Church to legalism or go forward with an understanding of the Church as a field hospital for the wounded.

Here is the first paragraph from this morning’s story on CruxNow, followed by a link to the full story.

ROME- According to a senior Vatican judge, four cardinals, including American Raymond Burke, who recently published a letter in which they asked Pope Francis to clarify his document on the family, Amoris Laetitia, could lose their red hats over what he termed the “very grave scandal” they’ve caused.

See Ines San Martin’s full story on Cruxnow at

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