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Luke’s Ascension accounts give different messages

By Glen Argan St. Luke sees Jesus’ Ascension into heaven as the turning point of world history. Why else would the evangelist tell the story twice – once as the conclusion of his Gospel and the second as the launching point of the Acts of the Apostles? Both versions are included among the readings for this Sunday. Why wouldn’t just

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Christ’s Ascension calls us to become obstacles to worldly power

Gospel for Sunday, May 28, 2017 Feast of the Ascension By Glen Argan The story of Christ’s ascension into heaven is a political story (Acts 1.1-11). It is not political in the sense that it would make Jesus and the Church political actors who compete against politicians, corporations and military leaders for worldly power. Far from it. Rather, the Ascension

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Truth is proclaimed through a heart of gentleness, kindness

Readings for Sunday May 21, 2017 Sixth Sunday of Easter By Glen Argan Our age is one where respect for truth is in decline. Whether it is political spokespersons presenting “alternative facts” or an ideological denial of the very existence of truth, that which is true is increasingly put in the shade. This presents a serious problem for Christian proclamation,

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Five points about Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday

Gospel for Sunday, April 16, 2017 Resurrection of the Lord By Glen Argan Mary Magdalene twice suggests that someone has stolen Jesus’ body (Jn 20.13,15). If Jesus’ body were stolen or the belief in the resurrection was the result of mass hallucination, why did the most strident persecutor of the early Church (St. Paul) come to believe in Christ’s resurrection

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Jesus’ love for Lazarus involves us all

Fifth Sunday of Lent Readings for Sunday, April 2, 2017 By Glen Argan The story of the raising of Lazarus (John 11.1-45) presents us with Jesus’ greatest outpouring of emotion in the four Gospels. Upon arriving at Bethany, Jesus was “greatly disturbed in spirit and deeply moved.” Then, when arrives at Lazarus’ tomb, Jesus is again “greatly disturbed.” Jesus weeps

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